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  • Hela239


    April 4, 2019 by Hela239

    Goods list count:

    Storage Items
    Barn 213
    Silo 38
    Tackle Box 9
    Total 260 Read more >
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    I leveled up and made a short video about the new level! I'd be very happy, if you can watch it! :)

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  • Dreamfarm.hayday

    Hello! everyone! Welcome to another episode of my new series! Hope you like it! Like and Subscribe!

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  • Dreamfarm.hayday

    How to win diamonds fast in 2019? 

    How to win money fast in 2019?

    How to level up fast in 2018?

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  • R3DKNIGHT aka Ranger

    Ricky Burnett aka R3DKNIGHT will be in England over the Christmas holidays in 2018. He is going to be in London from the 20 to 22 of December. Who would like to meet up, hang out, have a coffee or even take photos and be in a live stream. Let me know as I'd love to meet many of you.

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  • Hello13world

    I am still in Lv 23 now, and I hope I would be Lv 88 next year's summer (still have time: ), and I'll plant many banana trees to decorate my farm.  I will also make a "Derby" as the youtube says. It must be a very, very beautiful farm.  

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  • Krasi.ninov

    Hello, its me again! This Friday im gonna streaming on youtube for first time! Link to my channel: I hope u will join! It will begin at 1 pm (UTC) and will be at least one hour! We will chating about the new derby, the game and my upcoming Hay Day Giveaway! I will be really really happy to see u! Thank u for the attention! 

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  • Yasen Nestorov
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  • Hela239

    Farm score

    May 31, 2018 by Hela239

    I am a Hay Day farmer since june 2016. This wiki has been a great source of information during the last two years. I used the goods list and the experience level list and others to create some Excel files helping me playing the game. Yes, I am a nerd, and I know it.

    According to the Farmhouse page, the Farm Score is the total number of experience points accumulated. Checking this with my level 93 farm, I found the total XP on this wiki being a total of 2500 XP less than my in game farm score. I thought, well, maybe the scores were different in the past. But I found a video on Youtube from mid 2015 of a level 90 farm that had the same difference.

    On my second farm (level 19) I need 5610 XP to complete this level, as you can see below:

    This wi…

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  • 0123456789 The Great


    December 20, 2017 by 0123456789 The Great

    This is my ways of playing the game. I am currently around LV70.

    Production Buildings are classified into 4 categories: "Material", "End Product", "Advanced Product" and "Special". Always have at least 3 production slots for everything.

    The Material buildings are those that make required ingredients. Always make sure there are 4 slots for these buildings.

    • Bakery
    • Dairy
    • Sugar Mill
    • Loom
    • Juice Press
    • Jam Maker (Only 3 slots required, its products take long time to produce)
    • Sauce Maker
    • Pasta Maker

    The End Product buildings uses a base ingerdients, with some requiring ingredients from Material buildings. But these products cannot be produced further.

    • Popcorn Pot
    • Pie Oven
    • Flower Shop
    • Hat Maker
    • Smoothie Mixer
    • Tea Stand

    The Advanced buildings make from Material's pro…

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  • MindoPod

    Since derby tasks so often request a certain number of a type of visitor, such as 9 mechanics or 5 zen masters - it would be great to have a button to choose to SORT by visitor type. This could toggle between sort by building type or visitor type.  

    For example, this sort revealed at a glance that I had 4 actresses ready to serve:

    Thanks for considering this SuperCell!

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  • Roosnake

    This my (Roosnake) wishlist. This does not represent any of the community's wishes or concerns. 

    • Allow more easier way to get puzzle pieces. Champions legues get at least 1 per derby and 2 for placing top 3. Boats should have at least a 50% puzzle pieces. You need to grind 180 puzzle peices, this will make it much easier.
    • Town people giving better rewards. For example, the higher the rep level, the better you gifts. Town people will say give more town tools to help upgrade the buildings insted of simple saws or TNT.
    • Maps must be easier to get. I have played one month of town, and the only time I got a map was through the treasure chests.
    • Reduce the number of boosters in the derby. This way I don't have to trash a lot of boosters.
    • Have a way to …

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  • Roosnake

    Productionist Model

    April 27, 2017 by Roosnake
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  • Melicent

    Wiki Changes 2

    February 11, 2017 by Melicent
    • Updated Media Wiki central page
    • Contacted Support about welcome message issue
    • Edited Common.css to simplify username CSS and restrict H1 styling to page headers
    • Added some scripts to ImportJS: Clean Wanted Files & Clean Sandbox
    • Partially cleaned WantedFiles using new script
    • Brought back unused photos and uncategorized photos to manageable sizes
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  • FlaDiver52

    Filling in the Blanks

    January 22, 2017 by FlaDiver52

    Hi Everyone,

    We here at this Wiki are looking for folks to assist with filling in the blanks of data that is missing from the database. Every now and then we will give you some suggestions on what we are needing...

    Today: January 21, 2017, we are looking for information on the maximum price that it takes to create one of each item, for example it takes 3 Oranges to make one Marmalade and the maximum price for the oranges is 291 coins. Once you do one or two you get the idea.

    Before you go and update ANY item make sure that the price isn't already listed. If it isn't and you do make an edit to add the data, make sure you give us a "Summary of your Edit". That helps to identify what you did...

    If you should have ANY questions, feel free to ask, …

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  • Melicent

    Wiki Changes

    December 30, 2016 by Melicent

    This post documents admin changes as I make them. Latest ones are at the top. Changes made before December 2016 are not listed.

    • MediaWiki:Common.css enabled. Yay!
    • Common.js reviewed successfully. Double yay!
    • Moved all CSS to Common except for Interwiki box so all is in its proper place.
    • Updated MediaWiki:Community-corner
    • Updated Hay Day Wiki:MediaWiki
    • Moved BackToTopButton to ImportJS (asked for Wikia.js to be reviewed)
    • Switched to

    • Imported CSS for International Flags:
    • Asked Wikia to enable MediaWiki:Common.css
    • Removed unused script from MediaWiki:ImportJS
    • Edited Template:Note to add border.
    • Edited MediaWiki:Wikia.css to design the Interlanguage section
    • Updated Media…

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  • Miss Aimee91

    Addicted !

    November 16, 2016 by Miss Aimee91

    A few months ago, I saw my friends playing Hay Day at home. At that time I really dont like playing any online games. While chatting with other friend at facebook, she invite me playing Hay Day to release tension. I accept it and start download Hay Day game. Until now, im playing this game and I really Liked it. tq Hay Day😘

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  • Mastermona.

    Gold week ;))

    August 29, 2016 by Mastermona.


    This week we got gold!!!! 

    Won the derby with almost 4k points advantage!!!!

    Congrats to everyone, perfect team work all week long!!! :)))))

    We welcomed this week two new members into our family, they cannot wait to start derby with us, so excited to play where everyone helps and everyone is active ;)


    Are you tired of being the only one who cares? Doing only tough tasks, cause no one else bothers? Helping all the time and not getting help you need?

    It means you are an awesome player who needs to change hood immediately! This is game, not work ;> Come check us out and find out what a team feels like  ;)


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  • Mastermona.

    Amazing Hood! ;))

    August 29, 2016 by Mastermona.

    $~WHEAT HAY~$

    Welcome everyone!

    We are happy to announce, that we are looking for new members for our team. 
    Or scratch that- new friends ;)

    Firstly, little about us:

    We are players from all over the world, english speaking, fun to be around  We looove to chat- about everything and nothing- our speciality ;P

    Even though we care about good atmosphere in our hood, equally important are derby for us-we all are derby addict, when opt in 9 tasks 310+ points are a must. 10th task is optional. And that would be all about the rules.  We always try to go for gold- so if there is a tough run, it would be deeply appreciated if you would do the 10th, but we do not put pressure- your diamonds, your decision ;)

    Our age range is from 23 up to 44 years old- alt…

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  • DarrenPaul

    Old Building 'Conepts'

    August 27, 2016 by DarrenPaul
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  • DarrenPaul

    Typing Tips

    July 14, 2016 by DarrenPaul

    I have notice a lot of mistakes while writing guides and other stuff. 

    Tip 1: Use proper english  

    If you have any concerns about how to spell something google search it. If you don't know how to spell it at all, but know how to say it, use the microphone tool

    Tip 2: Use proper writing techniues 

    No spaces One Space
    after a ( or [ or { after a comma (,)
    before a ( or [ or { after a semi-colon/colon(;
    before a fullstop (.) after a fulstop (.)
    before an exclamation mark (!) after a question mark (?)
    before a question mark (?)

    before a comma (,)

    before a semi-colon/colon (;/:) Read more >
  • DarrenPaul

    Natural sugar

    July 13, 2016 by DarrenPaul

    Real-life sugar is normally a darker color but can be refined to make it an almost white color.

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  • DarrenPaul

    I found the following guide as an article. Due to the guidlines, this 'guide' should not be a article. It should be a blog post. Here it is, I edited some spelling mistakes (and made new ones)

    Original Blog by Vincenttantio

    Hello everyone. Today I want to share how I can manage my Diary and Sugar Mill . I am level 47, still low but hope this guide help.

    Max out your queue.

    Produce cream and/or butter in the day(when you are at work/school). While produce cheese (even goat cheese ) during the night. If you aren't fond of your sleep I suggest you set an alarm in the middle of your sleep to add more products to the queue. 

    The same with the sugar mill:

    Produce Sugar (Brown/White) in the day, and syrup during the night

    For example, I want to make ca…

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  • DarrenPaul

    Note: I didn't notice these simlarities. It was Thom Blair III

    "Singing at the Farm" is a referrence to the iconic scene from the movie "Singing in the Rain"

    "Mushroom House" decoration may be referring to the houses from the cartoon "The Smurfs"

    "The Stallion" may be referring to Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky in the movie "Rocky".

    "The Mad Chicken" my be a referrence to The Mad Hatter from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

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  • FlaDiver52

    The True Cost of a Blanket (One Blanket at a Time) Brought to you by FlaDiver52

    Dear Farmers, I know that with costs driving everything through the roof nowadays it is sometimes difficult to justify spending more to invest in trying to make more for your efforts. So, the following data compiled by a justifiable Hay Day Addict (because he has NOTHING better to do)…. Shows what the True Cost involved in order to produce one Blanket. Also if you are dead set on making blankets just know that TIME is the most important factor. 1 Blanket requires: a. 3 Cotton Fabrics b. 1 Pumpkin c. 5 Duck Feathers

    And with a Mastered Sewing Machine will take 2 hours and 58 minutes or 6 diamonds to produce.

    No Big Deal you say…. Well wait until you see what and ho…

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  • DarrenPaul

    Tips Listings

    April 3, 2016 by DarrenPaul

    Hi there,

    Please help me create a list of Loading Screen Tips so that they could be used on the wiki page: Loading Screen (To Do). Since that I play Hay Day once a month and have alot of my-life things to do. And Im not ordering you just take this as a suggestion not an order. I cannot order you to do stuff (Only these cruel people could-joke)



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  • DarrenPaul

    How to buy diamonds from Tom:

    Step 1: Rent Tom for 1 Day (15) or 5 Days (60).

    Step 2: Buy a lot of Mining Supplies preferably a Pickaxe.

    Step 3: Mine using the Pickaxe's or other supplies. You have a chance of getting a diamond.

    Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to get a lot of diamonds. Smelt the ore that is mined and sell sell sell sell sell!

    Thanks to: Lltomohikoll

    With 10 of Dynamites

    Silver     45%

    Gold       20%

    Platinum 35%

    (0 of Diamond )

    With 10 of TNTs

    Silver     50%

    Gold       30%

    Platinum 20%

    (2 of Diamond )

    With 10 of Shovels

    Silver     55%

    Gold       28%

    Platinum 18%

    (1 of Diamond)

    • Do an alarm every  2 hrs or plant indigo when Tom goes to sleep.

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  • DarrenPaul

    Rarety of Products

    March 30, 2016 by DarrenPaul

    Rarety level:

    Very rare 1-10 Very Common

    View Master list

    I will soon add more

    Name Level Max. Price Time XP Rarety Level Source
    1 3 2 min 1 10 Field
    1 18 20 min 2 10 Chicken
    2 7 5 min 1 10 Field
    2 21 5 min
    ★★★ 4 min 3 3 Bakery
    Chicken feed
    3 7 5 min
    ★★★ 4 min 1 3 Feed Mill
    5 10 20 min 2 5 Field
    Cow feed
    6 14 10 min
    ★★★ 8 min 2 3 Feed Mill
    6 32 1 h 3 5 Cow
    6 50 20 min
    ★★★ 7 min 6 2 Dairy
    7 14 30 min 3 5 Field
    Corn bread
    7 72 30 min
    ★★★ 25 min 8 6 Bakery
    Brown sugar
    7 32 20 min
    ★★★ 17 min 4 6 Sugar Mill
    8 32 30 min
    ★★★ 25 min 4 7 Popcorn Pot
    9 7 10 min 2 9 Field
    9 82 30 min
    ★★★ 25 min 10 4 Dairy
    9 108 30 min
    ★★★ 25 min 13 3 BBQ Grill
    Pig feed
    10 14 20 min
    ★★★ 17 min 2 3 Feed Mill
    10 50 4 h 5 7 Pig

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  • DarrenPaul

    Credit goes to Obromis. I did not write the blog, Obromis did but as an article( the article got deleted) so I copied the code since he didn't publish it as a blog and this is an interesting article. I will soon Style it

    Hay Day is a fascinating game, which almost certainly has mathematicians working on the design of different features. This means that some aspects of the game can be worked out mathematically. This page is for people interested deducing mathematical aspects of Hay Day. As an example, here is a simple derivation of the relative proportion of teams in the different Derby leagues.

    There are five leagues, denote the number of players in the different leagues as N_1, N_2, N_3, N_4, and N_5, where N_1 is the number in the easiest …

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