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The barn is the main storage building for products, animal goods and supplies. It is already standing at the start of the game, but must be repaired during the tutorial to become usable.


The appearance of the barn changes as the player upgrades it. Its final appearance is displayed when the barn can store at least 300 items.


The barn can initially hold 50 items. Upgrading the barn will increase its capacity:

  • by 25 spaces from 50 to 1,000.
  • by 50 spaces from 1,000 upwards.

Each upgrade requires the same number of bolts, planks and rolls of duct tape but the number of items requires increases by 1 with each upgrade (see the table below).

Upgrading table

Capacity from-to Bolt.png+Duct Tape.png+Plank.png
50-75 x1
75-100 x2
100-125 x3
125-150 x4
150-175 x5
175-200 x6
200-225 x7
225-250 x8
250-275 x9
275-300 x10
etc. etc.
1000-1050 x39
1050-1100 x40
1100-1150 x41
1150-1200 x42
1200-1250 x43
1250-1300 x44
1300-1350 x45
1350-1400 x46
1400-1450 x47
1450-1500 x48
etc. etc.

Strategy tips

  • You need to store everything but crops in the barn, including supplies. This means more than 200 different items. If you want to keep at least ten of each item you need a barn with a capacity of at least 2,000 items. However, keep some room for more, as boat orders can ask for even greater quantities of one product.
  • Once your barn is full, you will no longer be rewarded with supply items once you reach your magic number from either harvesting crops (fields, bushes, or trees) or feeding animals (farm animals or pets). Always make sure that your barn has available capacity, before collecting from these sources, to ensure that you will receive your reward.

Did you know?

  • Your barn level is noted by the number of tools needed for the next upgrade. A level 1 barn has a capacity of 50, while a level 39 barn has a capacity of 1,000. This goes on without limit.
  • A greater and greater percentage of your barn space will be taken up by the planks, duct tape, and bolts needed for the next upgrade when the game starts. This means as you upgrade your barn from a level 1 barn (capacity of 50) to a level 39 barn (capacity 1,000) you will have a smaller and smaller percentage of room in your barn to store other items. Once you attain a capacity of 1,000 (where each future upgrade increases capacity by 50) you'll reverse that trend. From then on every upgrade means that a smaller and small percentage of your barn is needed to store tools needed for the next upgrade. In summary, barn space gets tighter until you reach level 39, at which point it begins to ease.