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The Bakery is a production building unlocked at experience level 2. It is the first production building players unlock in the game.

It is used to make bread, cookies, muffins and pizza


The Bakery is a large, ginger oven with few sacks of flour beside it and a small wooden table in front of it. The floor is tiled. It matches the look of the Popcorn Pot, the Cake Oven and the Pie Oven.

The mastered version gets copper-colored parts and a golden star on the side.


It costs 20 coincoin and takes 10 seconds to build the Bakery. It gives players 3 xpxp when completed.



Corn bread


Bread Corn Bread Cookie
Level 2 Level 7 Level 10
5 min 30 min 1 h
★★★ 4 min ★★★ 25 min ★★★ 51 min
1diadia 3diadia 4diadia
21coincoin 72coincoin 104coincoin
3xpxp 8xpxp 13xpxp
Raspberry muffin Blackberry muffin Pizza
Raspberry Muffin Blackberry Muffin Pizza
Level 19 Level 26 Level 33
45 min 45 min 15 min
★★★ 38 min ★★★ 38 min ★★★ 12 min
3diadia 3diadia 2diadia
140coincoin 226coincoin 190coincoin
17xpxp 27xpxp 23xpxp
Spicy pizza Potato bread Frutti di mare pizza
Spicy Pizza Potato Bread Frutti di Mare Pizza
Level 37 Level 39 Level 45
15 min 45 min 15 min
★★★ 12 min ★★★ 38 min ★★★ 12 min
2diadia 3diadia 2diadia
226coincoin 284coincoin 403coincoin
27xpxp 34xpxp 48xpxp
Gingerbread cookie Banana bread
Gingerbread Cookie Banana Bread
Level 86 Level 91
30 min 30 min
★★★ 25 min ★★★ 25 min
3diadia 3diadia
273coincoin 424coincoin
33xpxp 50xpxp

Strategy tips

  • Many products from the Bakery require eggs and wheat.
  • All products sell well at max. price.
  • Very large quantities of bread are requests in boat orders.
  • Bread and corn bread are the ingredients of many other products in the game so make sure you always keep a good stock of these.