Bacon is a type of animal good unlocked at experience level 10.

It is used to make many recipes as well as feed dogs and puppies. It is one of the most used products in the game.

Like all products, it is stored in the barn.

Collecting bacon

Steaming a pig

Bacon is collected from pigs which have been fed pig feed. Once fed, pigs need 4 hours to get fatter. Players can then put them in a steaming machine to get bacon.

Collecting bacon gives players 5 xpxp points.

Selling bacon

Roadside Shop
  • Bacon can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 504 coincoin for 10 units.
  • A pig costs between 500 and 2,300 coincoin and a pig pen 150 coincoin.

Using bacon

Bacon is used to make the following products:

Bacon and eggs

Bacon pie


Bacon and Eggs Bacon Pie Hamburger
Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx3 Bacon.pngx2
Level 11 Level 18 Level 18
Casserole Shepherd's pie BLT salad
Casserole Shepherd's Pie BLT Salad
Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx2
Level 36 Level 38 Level 62
Bacon toast Hot dog Taco
Bacon Toast Hot Dog Taco
Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx1
Level 65 Level 75 Level 77
Corn dog Onion dog Stuffed peppers
Corn Dog Onion Dog Stuffed Peppers
Bacon.pngx4 Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx1
Level 78 Level 80 Level 80
Pasta carbonara Bacon fondue Bacon fries
Pasta Carbonara Bacon Fondue Bacon Fries
Bacon.pngx2 Bacon.pngx1 Bacon.pngx2
Level 83 Level 86 Level 87
Mushroom salad Chili poppers
Mushroom Salad Chili Poppers
Bacon.pngx1 Bacon.pngx3
Level 89 Level 98

Boat orders

  • Boat orders ask for 4 to 9 pieces of bacon per crate, up to a total of 27 per boat.

Strategy tips

  • 3 units of pig feed take 20 minutes to make. You can easily collect all your bacon and replenish your feed stock by the time the pigs are fat again.
  • Bacon can occasionally be found in the Daily Dirt but sells very quickly. 
  • Before you buy dogs or puppies take into consideration the fact that you'll have to feed them bacon. If you don't have enough pigs or don't make enough pig feed, this might be a problem.

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