Alfred is a non-player character (NPC) who delivers mail and packages.

He is unlocked at experience level 15.

Mail delivery

Alfred Mail

Main article: Mailbox

Alfred comes everyday at 12:00 AM UTC to deliver mail to the player's mailbox.

Package delivery

Alfred Package

Alfred also delivers packages purchased from the catalogue, gift packages from Supercell and reward packages from the town Mayor at the end of global events.

Alfred delivers packages to the left of the farmhouse and players can click on the package to reveal what is inside.

Purchased packages are delivered immediately. Packages from Supercell are delivered once any maintenance breaks are over. These packages usually contain diamonds and a note about the nature of the break. Reward packages are delivered as soon as the common goal has been reached and even if the event is still going on.

Did you know?

  • Supercell started giving packages with the July 2013 update. Since then Supercell has frequently contacted users through this method, usually to apologize for server maintenance or announce new features.
  • Alfred is never seen delivering Supercell packages.
  • Prior to the April 2014 update, Alfred delivered mail on foot. Now he rides a light blue Vespa-like scooter.

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